HOCATT™ In My Business

HOCATT™ In My Business

Maximize the revenue per sq ft with...

Bottom Line ROI

Maximizing the footprint of your business is critical for a wellness professional. Every decision must be weighed carefully. The equipment you choose determines the competitive advantage you have. What if there was a way to maximize space, provide state-of-the-art modalities and be one of the few who provides a holistic wellness strategy for your clients. It’s the future now.

Vitality & wellness for your clients....



HOCATT™ gives your business the strategic advantage you have been looking for coupled with a real return on investment. In addition to the risk-free purchase options, the HOCATT™ gives your business:

30 Minute Sessions are the key to vitality for clients and ROI for you!

Your clients have just experienced the HOCATT™ – the only machine that can deliver multiple proven technologies in a single session. They have just spent 30 relaxing minutes gaining the advantages of all the applied technologies, with no further action on their part! They’ll love you for making wellness so simple and fast.


To ensure your success, we have created a repository of education, training and marketing tools so you don’t have to figure out how to do this on your own. You have ongoing support to ensure you maximize your HOCATT™ investment and ensure a long-term wellness strategy for your clients.

In just 30-minutes, you will have your clients on their way to a new state of wellness – one they have not seen or felt in many years. The HOCATT’s core modalities provide comprehensive benefits that cannot be found elsewhere. You have a unique solution that ensures you see your clientele regularly – a definite improvement in client flow and a great way to increase referral business.