One device
Unparalled potential

Easy to use. Astoundingly powerful. And designed to potentiate and optimize your biology and body in ways you never imagined possible. It’s the ultimate wellness device that synchronizes, times, and choreographs 10 of the most powerful technologies to give you these incredible benefits. Convenient, relaxing, and easy 30 minute sessions detoxify your body, reduce inflammation and burn up to 600 calories.  And you can FEEL and EXPERIENCE the benefits quickly…often from your very first session.





Results matter.  In fact, without results, nothing else matters.  HOCATT enables the body to produce big-time results as you can see below.

The Results

HOCATT helps the body prodcue amazing benefits and results including:

  • Advanced, Whole-Body Detoxification

  • Whole Body Inflammation Reduction

  • Improved Circulation (Up To 200%)

  • Stress Reduction In Your Body's Systems

    • Burns Up To 600 Calories Per Session

    • Reduces Oxidative Stress

    • Delivers A Collective Response

    • Reduction Of Stretch Marks, Cellulite, Scars And Fine Wrinkles

    wellness made


    Most biohacking and wellness advice or technology is, well let’s face it, hard, uncomfortable, intrusive, or all three. Ice bath or coffee enema anyone? With HOCATT there’s no discomfort, pain, or willpower needed. You just get in the machine for a relaxing, spa-like session and let the technology do the hard work.







    As you may know, the body is almost always it’s own best healer.  But sometimes it needs a little help – a jumpstart if you will.  HOCATT acts as a jumpstart for every system in the body.  It’s all-natural and synergistic in nature, and HOCATT acts as that booster that puts the body in a place where it can do what it does best…restore and optimize itself.

    Even more reasons to love HOCATT.

    Energy Management
    Reduction of Wrinkles
    Blood Pressure Normalization
    Improve Mental Focus, Clarity & Memory
    Weight Management
    Immune Support

    Which HOCATT Is Right For You?

    HOCATT has 2 models each with an addiontional package offering to fully personalize the technology to your individual needs.  Bring the amazing wellness benefits of a HOCATT into your home, clinic, or office for far less than you might imagine…request your pricing and catalog today!

    HOCATT Platinum

    Our top-of-the-line model on which you can add our Platinum Premium package for even more power and functionality. Request our catalog and pricing for more details today!

    HOCATT Plus

    Our flagship model for which you can add our Diamond package. Request our catalog and pricing for more details today!